Monday, December 25, 2006

Family Xmas Dinner

Wine of Choice
Mom's Interesting Xmas Tree
Grandma prepping her potatoes

Kay being Kay

Uncle Warren & Kay

Kay, Mom, & Warren

Mom prepping our main course, STEAK!!

Opening Gifts

Grandma received a PurseSitter & Winners Gift Card

Mom's Gift, Estee Lauder Gift Set

Kay opening her gift

Kay received Lucky Money or Lucky Red Envelope

Me opening my gift

Yeah! Lucky Red Envelope

Warren opening his gift

Funky Xmas Card

Kay being silly

Warren opening his gift from Mom, wow what a LARGE GIFT AND HEAVY TOO!
Haha... another box...

hahaha... yet another box, very funny...

what? another box?

wow, someone took a lot of time putting this present together

Must be the last box....

nope, one more to go?
Yeah Presents inside all those boxes! Chicken soup to make the box feel heavy, very smart Mom!